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About Us

Founders & Board Members 

Grace OutLoud was founded as an online group of 20 close friends and families.  G.OL. was originally formed by Shannon  as an online Bible Study group, Ladies Night Out, in 2020. Pamela Reed joined Ladies Night Out thus was the foundation of Grace Outloud. Shannon felt she was being called into ministry and God began to supply the vision. A vision focused on living and loving people for who they are.  A board of directors was formed in 2022.    


Kathy Sneed & Christie Tubb joined Grace OutLoud Board of Directors in 2022. Kathy continues to serve on the Board of Directors as Vice President  answering God's call to help lead our board in the mission and vision of Grace OutLoud as well as the responsibilities of public relations. Christie had a vision of feeding people and had been doing so in her community for years.  Christie co-founded MeMa’s Kitchen and is an administrator on the Facebook page. Angel Reed joined shortly after and became Prayer Chain Coordinator. Angel also helped developed and manages G.OL's weekly Live videos called Mondays Grace and serves on the Board of Directors. Feeling God was calling her into Outreach, Lisa Stull joined  G.OL. as a board member. She serves as secretary and has accepted the calling to Lead the board of Directors for MeMa’s kitchen.

If you have a special calling or feel God is leading you to minister through Grace OutLoud please contact us through our Get Involved link.  

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Shannon’s Story


Through darkest time in my life, God has always been there. Shining his light like a flashlight so I can see my way through to him. Unfortunately there was a time in my life I could not see his light. I was conflicted and selfish. During 2020 I lost my husband and I was empty. Again, God shined his light, this time he used a floodlight To show me who he was.


When I surrendered my life to him, God moved immediately. He sent me people in my life, he blessed me with a loving family. God remove the pain in my heart and replace it with his love.


He placed a vision in my heart to minister to people by sharing the light of Christ. Knowing it is OK not to be OK and that Jesus has me every step of the way.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

G.OL. is an online group that has grown into a ministry with a vision to help others Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. ​Physically:I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. Feeding our communities through MeMa’s kitchen.One meal at a time. Emotionally:When I was a stranger and you invited me in. Providing resources and meeting each person where they are in life.One conversation at a time. Spiritually I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. Partnering with others to bring the message of Jesus Christ virtually invisible through love.One person at a time. Grace OutLoud wants to serve our communities through the Love of Christ and invites you toJoin us!  Online. MeMa’s Kitchen and through Grace OutLoud’s Outreach and get-togethers. It’s OKNot to be ok.We are here to help.

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