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Grace OutLoud is a private online group that would like to invite you to connect with us. Please click this link 

Grace Out Loud | Facebook to join us online every day!


No matter where you are in your walk with God, we welcome you to join us.

Grace OutLoud is not a church, but a  ministry that loves like Jesus does and meets each member where they are.  


Grace OutLoud does not claim a certain denomination.  We come from all walks of life, but with a common goal to share God’s Love and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To help each other no matter where you are with the Lord. To encourage each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually, one step at a time! 

Grace OutLoud Ministries was founded by Shannon Quarterman (after the loss of her husband George in 2020), along with Pamela Reed.  Through the compassion of others and the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, this group expanded as a healing tool for others. Through the Lord's steadfast love a faithfulness came to the passion to live Grace OutLoud one day at a time.  


In order to live Grace OutLoud we have been led to help individuals in need spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Through sharing the word of God, we encourage each individual to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our belief in an emotionally healthy person comes from the acceptance of God's love through difficult times.  


Grace OutLoud started with a passion for women. God has brought us full circle by teaching us the importance of relationships with the men in our lives. May it be our fathers, spouses, sons, friends, or spiritual Leaders.  The Holy Spirit opened our hearts to the important roles our males play in the purpose of Grace OutLoud. We now welcome our male members to Grace OutLoud and believe healthy women need healthy relationships with the men in our lives.


In His Love

Grace Logo.jpg
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